Frequently Asked Questions


It is an online work experience for those looking to learn work skills, and know how it is to work in an organization. You will have the opportunity to learn key work skills, work in a team, complete multiple work projects and earn a certificate to prove your achievements.

  • Students in final or penultimate year
  • Corps members
  • Graduates expecting NYSC call up
  • Job seekers

For an average intern, you will need to have a laptop, internet access, access to Slack and email services (these are free solutions), power supply.

6 weeks. Activities will run from Monday to Friday. Classes on Saturday and Sunday.

It is not self-paced. It will be managed like the EduBridge Graduate Program. There is a timetable for several activities e.g. classes, group meetings, etc. Everyone starts the program at the same time and ends at the same time. Some activities will be held at the times that candidates choose, e.g. when the groups meet etc.



EduBridge will provide the learning resources, facilitators, projects, learning tools such as Excel or Word templates etc. These resources are proprietary to EduBridge Academy and do not become yours by virtue of this program. But you will provide your own laptop computer, internet facilities, power supply, and any other resources you need to attend classes and complete projects.

So by signing up to this program, you are accepting that you will provide these resources for your own use. Also, by signing up to this program, you are accepting that you will work in a group and complete all assignments in the accepted time.

The program is 100% virtual. You will not need to come to a physical location. However, some project teams (in the unlikely event that they are in the same location), might decide to meet in person. This is outside of the direction of the Academy.

This virtual program is with EduBridge Academy for the purpose of your learning and workplace development. The projects that you will work on are not of direct benefit to the Academy hence you will not receive payment for the activities. They are strictly educational in nature. We do not promise to offer you employment based on this program. Also, we do not promise to offer you an program with another company.

By meeting the conditions set by EduBridge Academy. This include:

  • Completing 95% attendance of classes
  • By completing two group mprojects
  • Sending in all reading assignments
  • Being of good behavior as represented by your project managers and team members.


No, you will not. This program is strictly for learning purposes. It does not mean that you work for EduBridge Academy or any company.

Yes, you will. Please note that you may incur expenses on providing internet and power supply for yourself to be able to complete most activities.

EduBridge Academy does not promise to match you to employers at the end of this program.

The application link is here.

The application process is:

  • Online application
  • Online assessment
  • Successful candidates are contacted
  • program starts
  • You learn work skills
  • You work in a team
  • You work in a real life project for a company of your choice
  • You get an EduBridge certificate
  • You get the opportunity to complete a project in the career you love
  • You will work with some of the brightest young people in Nigeria
  • You can add this to your resume
  • You can choose your desired career

Yes, you can pay in installments but you have to pay your first installments before the program begins.


You must be available to complete all tasks and activities.

EduBridge Academy will be both the school and employer. We will teach you, and give you work-based projects. We will give you feedback about how you are performing and how you might become better.

You will learn these skills, work in teams and complete individual and team projects.

We will issue warnings and if your performance does not improve, we will ask that you exit the program. We will issue all expectations of candidates before you begin the program.

We expect that you might reasonably devote between 4 to 6 hours a day to the program. This is a work simulation, you are shadowing work.